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2024 Operator Reunion

Paying Tribute

Every two years, the SoNo Switch Tower Museum pays tribute to the men and women who worked in tower service by hosting an operator reunion.  On June 8, 2024, two dozen former operators returned to old Signal Station (SS) 44 for a day of renewing friendships, socializing and talking towers.  Railroad employees have 1001 stories to tell and operators are no different.  For two hours before enjoying a steak dinner, reunion attendees shared their "war" stories.  As always, there were a lot of laughs, as well as discussions on various signal and operating rules.

Thanks to everyone who attended the reunion and our members who worked so hard to make the 2024 operator reunion a big success.  See you in 2026!    

Reunion attendees pose for a group photo before dinner

A popular feature of the reunion is storytelling held on the Tower's third floor

George Papuga, who worked SS 44 in the 1960s, shares a story

Rich Gunther (Amtrak) relates a tale from when he first hooped up train orders as a young operator

Tom DeJoseph, former operator and Sperry Rail President, tells about his time working on the Berkshire line

Socializing during dinner

Reunion attendees enjoy a steak dinner prepared by WestConn Chapter President and Chef Jim Mescher

A special cake caps off the day's festivities

Photos by Dana Laird and Ken Rosen

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